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The aim of tumour surgery is to completely remove benign or malignant skin changes. At the Hautmedizin Bad Soden, a functional yet aesthetic result is very important to us. We use the latest surgical techniques, which are gentle and cause as little scarring as possible.

When should a tumour be surgically removed?

All skin changes should be examined early on by a dermatologist to diagnose whether the change is benign or malignant. Malignant tumours should be removed immediately to reduce the risk of spreading. Regardless of whether the tumour is cancerous, it is sometimes advisable to remove benign tumours, as they can grow over time and lead to restrictions or put pressure on nerves. Many patients would also like to undergo surgery for aesthetic reasons.

What is the procedure for a shave excision?

Removal of a tumour with shave excision is so superficial that no sutures are necessary. Another benefit of this procedure is that excellent cosmetic results can usually be achieved. The patient only has a slight abrasion that heals after approx. 2-3 weeks.

You can leave the wound open or cover it with a plaster, depending on your personal preference. If the wound bleeds, apply gentle pressure for a few minutes. In some cases, secretions or wound fluid may appear and the edges of the wound may become red due to perfusion. This is not an infection of the wound, it is the normal healing process. You can shower as normal and exercise carefully. Take care when drying that you do not rub off the scab. Avoid bathing, swimming and visits to the sauna initially to protect the scab. Avoid sunbeds and excessive sunbathing for four to six weeks to prevent hyperpigmentation of the treated areas. To accelerate the healing process and prevent complications, we recommend applying e.g. Cicaplast Gel 2 x daily until the scab falls off.

Elliptical excision:

In some cases, for example for tumours that grow deep in the tissue (e.g. basalioma), elliptical excision is required. During this procedure, the skin change is removed with the scalpel in a diamond shape and is then closed with fine sutures. This will leave hardly any scarring.

Other surgical methods:

We also perform other procedures depending on the skin change. This serves to fully remove the tumour, while taking into account the desired cosmetic result. We perform e.g. 2-stage procedures, offer all forms of plastic surgery and skin transplants.

A 2-stage procedure may be necessary if the size of the tumour cannot be determined with the naked eye or it is in an awkward position. First, the tumour is removed as much as possible. The resulting wound is not sealed until the histological examination results are available. This ensures that the tumour is fully removed and that the healthy tissue is protected.


After malignant skin tumours have been successfully treated, regular aftercare check-ups are recommended, as with any other tumours. These can be performed in the clinic using all examination methods, including an ultrasound examination of the lymph nodes.

If you have any other questions about the treatment, we would be happy to advise you during a personal consultation. Send us an e-mail, give us a call or arrange an appointment online using Doctolib.