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Excessive sweating can have a severe impact on those affected and often involves limitations in daily life and feeling very embarrassed. It causes wet patches on clothing and a strong odour of sweat. However, if sweat production goes beyond the normal extent and occurs regardless of high temperatures or physical exertion, this is referred to by medical professionals as hyperhidrosis. This condition is a dysfunction of the sweat glands that causes more sweat to be produced than the body needs.

the Hautmedizin Bad Soden offers both botulinum treatment to temporarily reduce sweating as well as permanent sweat gland suction with a surgical minimally invasive procedure.

We perform the botulinum treatment on the hands, feet and armpits, while sweat gland suction is only performed on the armpits.

Who is suitable for hyperhidrosis surgery?

Compared to the botulinum injection, surgical sweat gland suction provides a permanent result. Patients who suffer from excessive sweating and a negative impact on their daily life and do not want to regularly repeat treatment should consider sweat gland suction.

What happens during the sweat gland suction procedure?

Sweat gland removal using suction curettage is performed at the Hautmedizin Bad Soden under tumescent local anaesthesia. After injecting the tumescent solution in the armpit area, the sweat glands detach themselves from the surrounding tissue so that they can be gently suctioned out using fine cannulas. The removed sweat glands do not grow back, which permanently reduces future sweat production by up to 80%. A part of the sweat glands always remains in the tissue in order to ensure sweat can still form naturally to cool down the body. The entire procedure takes about an hour.

What aftercare must be following after surgery?

Sweat gland suction is performed as an outpatient procedure and does not require patients to stay at the clinic. After treatment, the patients should wear special compression clothing for a week. It is also recommended to rest for a few days to allow the wound to heal.

Is there a risk of any side effects?

The risks of side effects occurring with sweat gland suction using tumescent anaesthesia are very low, but cannot be completely excluded. A risk of any surgery is possible bleeding or delayed wound healing. Any complications can be identified and treated early during aftercare.

We would be happy to advise you on hyperhidrosis treatment at our clinic.