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During the skin’s normal ageing process, wrinkles develop and parts of the skin begin to droop over time. The upper and lower eyelids can also be affected and hooded eyelids or bags can form. Genetic predisposition can also cause this to occur at an early age, which often makes the eyes look tired or exhausted when this is not the case.
Surgically lifting the eyelid at the Hautmedizin Bad Soden makes the eye appear more open and awake by removing the excess skin as well as any fatty tissue.

How is an eyelid lift performed?

Beforehand, we will arrange a personal consultation to clarify all the important details for the treatment as well as the result that can be expected.

At the Hautmedizin Bad Soden, we perform eyelid lifts as an outpatient procedure. Therefore, our patients only need to be at the clinic for around 2 hours. You can go home on the same day if someone comes to pick you up.
In preparation for the procedure, you should not take any blood-thinning medication (e.g. aspirin) for approx. 10 days beforehand after consulting with the prescribing doctor. You should also avoid various foods or active agents. You will receive more detailed information from the doctor. On the day of the procedure, wash your face thoroughly and remove all make-up and creams.

The eyelift lift is performed with a local anaesthetic, on request you can be given a mild sedative. Then the line for the incision is drawn and the excess skin is removed surgically. We will suture the wound with very fine thread and cover it with thin skin-coloured adhesive strips. They will remain on the skin until the day the stiches are removed. This does not cause any significant impairments.

What aftercare measures are important for an eyelid lift?

Since anaesthetic is used for the procedure and only small incisions are made, patients will have hardly any pain afterwards. However, slight bruising and swelling may occur for a few days. Creams, make-up as well as the consumption of alcohol and nicotine are to be avoided for around 14 days. Alcohol and nicotine are also to be avoided before surgery where possible. The sutures are checked after a week; the final result will be checked after around 6 weeks.

What are the risks with this procedure?

No surgery is without risk. Since an eyelid lift is a small, outpatient procedure, the risks are very low. The anaesthetic is generally very well tolerated; an intolerance reaction that is possible with a general anaesthetic does not occur here.

The scars usually run along the eyelid and are therefore well hidden. If you follow the doctor’s aftercare instructions, the scars should heal nicely and without complications. Good sun protection, such as wearing sunglasses for a few weeks, will also help.

Will my health insurance cover the costs of a surgical eyelid lift?

The costs will be covered by private health insurance only if the procedure is medically indicated, e.g. if field of vision is impaired or if the eyelid is chronically inflamed. We would advise you to obtain a cost estimate from the health insurance company beforehand.