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Surgery to treat skin changes

The options in dermatology and tumour surgery have now advanced to such an extent that suspicious (e.g. suspicious moles) and malignant skin changes can be diagnosed and treated early. The chances of completely and permanently removing a tumour, for example a basalioma, are very high.

Various surgical procedures are used at the Hautmedizin Bad Soden to remove malignant skin changes depending on the patient’s diagnosis.

Why should tumours be surgically removed?

A surgical procedure for a diagnosed malignant skin change is the most effective method of treating it. Our range of treatments includes non-invasive photodynamic therapy. However, this is only suitable for superficial changes or early stages of skin cancer.
Malignant skin changes must always be treated quickly in order to prevent growth of the tumour and the formation of metastases (spreading of cancer cells) and to completely remove the tumour.

What happens during skin cancer surgery?

Following an in-depth consultation and a closer examination of the diseased tissue, we decide on the most suitable treatment method. This depends on the type of tumour, its stage and its size.

We can gently remove superficial skin changes that are still in an early stage by means of a so-called shave excision, which causes minimal scarring. The wound resembles a graze, does not have to be sutured and can be covered with a plaster. The benefit of this method is that the surgery is relatively straightforward and the healing phase is quick.

We perform a more complex, in-depth procedure for larger and ingrown tumours. The dermatologist has to use an incision technique that completely removes the tumour tissue. Removing a certain safety distance to the surrounding, healthy tissue is essential here. (On the face, we use very small safety distances; we work with a special examination technique in the tissue laboratory that allows for a complete analysis of the surrounding tissue)

What are the risks of surgically removing skin cancer?

Since our dermatologists at the Hautmedizin Bad Soden remove malignant skin changes with a sufficient safety distance, the risk of the tumour not being completely removed is low. If this happens, another surgery is necessary. In very rare cases, the wound can become inflamed; this can also occur in individual cases despite correct aftercare and following medical advice. In order to reduce the risk of obvious scarring, the following scar care is recommended.

If you have any questions, we are available for a personal consultation.