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The term “malignant skin changes” essentially means skin cancer. If abnormal skin changes appear, the first step is for our doctors to assess whether the change is benign or malignant. If malignant, patients are advised to have the tumour removed quickly in order to prevent further tumour growth, the formation of metastases, spreading to the organs as well as further tissue damage. If diagnosed and treated early, the chances of a full and long-term recovery are very good.

Treating malignant skin changes at the Hautmedizin Bad Soden

In addition to detecting skin cancer early, we also offer the treatment of actinic keratoses and malignant skin tumours such as basal cell carcinoma, spinalioma (both forms of white skin cancer), malignant melanoma (black skin cancer) and other rarer skin tumours.
Various procedures are available for this, including non-invasive photodynamic therapy (PDT), the use of topical creams and surgical tumour removal.

Photodynamic therapy is a method that is very gentle on the tissue and does not involve cutting into the skin. The diseased tissue is killed off using external red light exposure or as a new, modern and less painful option with daylight. This procedure is particularly successful in treating actinic keratosis, a pre-stage of skin cancer. This treatment can also be used for areal tumours, provided these skin changes are superficial.

Surgical removal of a tumour is generally suitable for any kind of skin cancer. Even benign skin changes can be surgically removed. Surgery is performed as an outpatient procedure, which means that stays in the clinic as well as long periods of rest are not necessary. Depending on the diagnosis, the tumour will either be removed by means of a shave excision so as to causes minimal scarring or with a greater surgical margin to the surrounding tissue. At the Hautmedizin Bad Soden, all procedures are performed according to the highest cosmetic standards.

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During a consultation, we will decide together which treatment is the most suitable for you. Please feel free to contact us by telephone or e-mail to make an appointment. Alternatively you can make an appointment using our online calendar.

We would also be happy to answer any general questions you have about skin cancer.

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