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Diagnosing certain allergies or their triggers is not always easy, as the symptoms patients exhibit are not always clear and most allergy tests can only test for a small number of possible triggers. Nowadays, more and more people suffer from several allergies, which frequently go undetected or appear immediately.

ImmunoCAP is a highly efficient multiplex test that allows us to test our patients for more than 100 allergens. It means we can create a detailed and individual allergy guideline, which we use as a basis to start specific treatment or develop strategies of how to avoid contact with the trigger.

What benefits does ImmunoCAP offer compared to other allergy tests?

Unlike standard allergy tests that induce an allergic reaction by contact with various substances in order to find the cause, the patient does not come into contact with the allergens during the multiplex test; only a blood sample is taken.This is a particularly comfortable method of testing for our patients and avoids the risk of a serious, unpredictable reaction. Compared to the skin prick test, so-called components can also be determined. Components are parts of the allergen (e.g. birch pollen). This allows us to make essential conclusions about the type of reaction expected (e.g. peanut allergy: only tingling in the throat or severe allergic shock) and other cross allergies.

How is an ImmunoCAP test performed?

Before the ImmunoCAP test is performed, patients always have a detailed consultation with one of our allergologists.During this consultation, the patients often describe their symptoms, which often allows the doctor to draw initial conclusions about a possible allergy based on experience. He or she will then decide whether a standard allergy test, such as an epicutaneous test or skin prick test is enough or if an ImmunoCAP test is advisable.

The actual ImmunoCAP test only takes a few minutes for patients, during which a small blood sample is taken.The components that are relevant for us are then analysed and evaluated using modern computer-aided software. This gives us detailed information about existing allergies and their risk assessment. After diagnosing the allergy, there are a wide variety of treatment options available.

Which patients are particularly suitable for ImmunoCAP?

Since many allergy sufferers react to various substances or have cross reactions (reaction to substances similar to the allergen), diagnosis with a contact skin test is not always clear.There is always a (small) risk of a more severe allergic reaction that can be kept under control as the doctor will be present.
ImmunoCAP is not an alternative but rather an effective addition to other allergy tests.
We would be happy to discuss which allergy test is right for you during an in-depth consultation at the Hautmedizin Bad Soden.