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An epicutaneous test (plaster test) is performed for suspected contact allergies. This is used to determine to which allergens you have an allergic reaction. Knowing this information is important in order to effectively prevent the allergy from recurring.

How is an epicutaneous test performed?

At the first appointment, your back will be covered with test plasters, which must stay on for 24 to 48 hours (1-2 days).

At the second appointment one or two days later, the plaster is removed from the back and a grid is drawn on in dark purple ink. This ink can stain if you move or if it becomes wet. Therefore, please wear a dark or old t-shirt.

At the third and final appointment 3-4 days later, your doctor will discuss the result with you; then you are allowed to shower.

Please note the following important information:

In order for the results to be assessed properly, we need your help. Please follow these instructions:

  • One week before testing begins, do not take any cortisone tablets and do not apply cortisone cream to the test area.
  • Do not come for testing with a suntanned back.
  • The skin must be dry, clean and free of oil for the plaster to be applied. Do not use any lotions, oil baths etc. beforehand. If you have thick hair, please shave your back two days before.
  • Please arrive at the second appointment in a dark or old t-shirt.
  • Do not get your back wet between the first and last appointment, which means you cannot shower during testing.
  • Avoid physical activity that causes excessive sweating and movements that could cause the plaster to fall off.
  • Do not scratch the area if it is itchy.

Please contact us if you experience any redness or changes to the skin on the test areas within 3 weeks after the tests.