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Light therapy for skin conditions

A few million people in Germany suffer from chronic skin conditions. The most common forms are psoriasis and neurodermatitis, which affects children in particular.

Our mission at the Hautmedizin Bad Soden is to help patients and their families deal with their skin condition using efficient holistic treatment methods and achieve a long-term improvement.

We use so-called synchronous balneo phototherapy in our specially equipped brine light department, which successfully relieves moderate to severe psoriasis, neurodermatitis and other chronic skin conditions.

How does brine light therapy work?

Synchronous balneo phototherapy is based on the “Dead Sea principle”. Patients bathe in water with a salt concentration of 10%. During the bath, the patient is exposed to a light with a special wave length (311 nm) that has a particularly anti-inflammatory effect. The combination of the salt bath and light therapy has been proven to relieve and heal the affected skin.

The benefit of synchronous brine phototherapy compared singular light therapy is the enhanced efficacy. It is a very effective treatment with few side effects and no medication.

What happens during light therapy?

First, our dermatologists arrange a consultation with the patients and determine the severity of the condition as well as possible intolerances from the patient’s history. We use this as the basis to decide whether or not to use brine light therapy as a treatment method.

The number of baths required depends on the severity of the symptoms and the diagnosis and is determined by the dermatologist in the consultation.

We would be delighted to give you more information about brine light therapy during a personal consultation at our Bad Soden Dermatology Clinic.