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Injuries, burns or surgery can cause scars on the skin. Depending on genetic predisposition and shape, these can either be unnoticeable or very obvious or even cause pain. Acne that has not healed properly can also cause unattractive scars on the skin and be a great strain for those affected.
Various types of lasers can be used to fade or even completely remove scars.

At the Hautmedizin Bad Soden, we use the erbium YAG laser or an ablative CO2 laser to treat scars.
We also conduct contact cryotherapy, partially in combination with intralesional steroid injections, and are also one of the few treatment centres to perform the innovative intralesional cryotherapy for keloid scarring (very thick scarring).
Some scars can also be improved by surgery.

How is scarring treated in our clinic?

During a personal consultation, we will decide whether laser therapy to remove or revise scarring would be suitable for you, what result you can expect, what you must be aware of and how the procedure will be performed.

An anaesthetic is generally not required for laser treatment as our patients find the procedure to be virtually painless. On request, we can apply a mild anaesthetic cream on the area to be treated. The dermatologist moves the handpiece slowly over the scar. The laser pulses gradually reduce the scar tissue, while the healthy tissue is stimulated to regenerate by producing collagen.
Overall, the procedure takes between 15 and 30 minutes, several sessions are recommended for an optimum result.

What risks are there with laser scar revision?

The types of laser we use are very gentle on the skin so the risk of complications and side effects of scar revision is very small. Depending on the patient, the treatment can have a different effect, which is why the number of sessions can vary. Some redness may occur for a few days. Severe complications are not expected.

What scars can be treated with the laser?

Laser therapy can generally be used on all kinds of scars, however the success of the result can be different. Small, superficial and faded scars can show considerable improvements in a few sessions. Good results can also be achieved after several sessions on so-called hypertrophic scars, which is very pronounced, thick or raised scar tissue, the size of the scar can usually be greatly reduced.
Red scars can also be treated successfully with a laser.

We would be delighted to give you more information on scar revision during a personal consultation. Give us a call or send us an e-mail to arrange an appointment.