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Cellfina is an innovative treatment method of specifically improving the appearance of cellulite. The minimally invasive procedure can provide a long-term solution for many women affected.

Following careful clinical review, the US medical authority, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), approved the innovative technology.

How does cellulite form?

Cellulite, also referred to as orange peel skin, is the term for a weakness in connective tissue, which causes visible dimples in the top layer of skin due to shorter connective tissue fibres. This phenomenon occurs primarily in women. Cellulite develops most frequently on the thighs, hips and buttocks – while these are the typical problem areas for women, men are rarely affected due to the distribution of their body fat (usually on the stomach). The strands of connective tissue in the skin run diagonally in men and not vertically to the surface of the skin as is the case in women.

There are many different causes of cellulite. It is not from being overweight or obese, even slim women can suffer from cellulite. While it is mostly genetic, other factors such as an unhealthy lifestyle (poor diet, lack of exercise) or hormonal fluctuations also contribute to the shortening of connective tissue fibres.
Cellulite often forms over time when the body’s natural collagen production reduces. The reduced level of collagen in connective tissue can cause the strands of connective issue in the subcutaneous fat to shorten. If this happens, the skin is pulled down and the visible dimples appear.

Many massages, creams and ointments that have been developed to treat cellulite usually only provide minor, short-term improvements. The treatment technology Cellfina®, on the other hand, can offer long-term results when used successfully. Our highly qualified doctors perform the procedure at the Hautmedizin Bad Soden in a single outpatient session lasting for one hour.

This is how the cellulite treatment works:

The Cellfina® treatment aims to reduce the tightness in the connective tissue. Successfully releasing the shortened connective tissue fibres smooths out the bumpy skin in the long term.

During the first consultation and examination, we will determine the severity of the cellulite with our patients. Before beginning the actual procedure, we will mark the bumps on the skin on the thighs, hips and buttocks that are to be removed. After applying a local anaesthetic in the areas of the skin, we place the Cellfina handpiece with the appropriate template on the affected areas. The skin is placed under a vacuum. Then a fine needle releases the tight connective fibres in the tissue under tension. This process is repeated several times in the areas to be treated. Slight temporary bruising or pressure sensitivity may occur after the treatment.

The procedure takes around one hour, depending on the size of the area to be treated. If the procedure is performed correctly, no further sessions are usually required. There is also no downtime after the procedure, patients are free to go back to their daily life.

the Hautmedizin Bad Soden is one of the few treatment centres in Germany that offer this innovative procedure for self-payers.