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What is Botox® (botulinum toxin)?

Botulinum, more commonly known as Botox®, is a neurotoxic protein that is used both in medicine, as well as for aesthetically treating wrinkles and excessive sweating. The botulinum toxin temporarily inhibits nerve impulses in the muscles, which can relieve various physical side effects or symptoms.

The preparations made with the active agent are officially registered and have been effectively used in medicine and aesthetics for years.

How is botulinum used?

A small dose of botulinum is injected into the tissue of the area of the body to be treated using a fine needle.
the Hautmedizin Bad Soden regularly performs successful Botox® treatments and helps many patients to improve smaller flaws or deficits.
The active agent is particularly suitable for local hyperhidrosis (abnormal sweat production), bruxism and, of course, reducing expression lines.

How long does Botox® work?

How long the effect of a botulinum injection lasts is different for every patient. The effect usually lasts for between 3 and 9 months before it completely wears off. The benefit of this method is that the procedure is performed within 5-20 minutes and involves no long healing time. Therefore, treatment can be repeated at any time without any great effort or downtime.

Are there high risks for side effects from Botox®?

Although botulinum is a neurotoxin, there is no risk of poisoning for our patients. The active agent is only administered in a low dose. Other risks are also relatively rare. In some cases, slight redness may occur around the injection sites after the procedure. These can persist for a few days to a week.

We would be delighted to give you more information about our Botox treatment during a personal consultation at our clinic or at:

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